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It's constructive criticism

reviewing the good the bad and the downright dodgy
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About Us.

This community was started by bekijane and rhiannon_s as a friendly corner where we could set up our soapbox and tear the films we watch to shreds. We opened it to books, plays, music, concert, TV programs and theatre reviews as well so that we could be on topic without changing the rules whenever we wanted to review something else. There could also be the odd computer/console game review sneaked in for good measure. We're also certain restaraunts will get a mention every now and then.

We often watch films together, because we enjoy going to the cinema, and prefer doing so in good company. And we both have lots of opinions on what we watch. Please feel free to join and post, the moderation of this community will not be harsh. Remember that adding a community to your friends list doesn't request membership, to join the community you have to click on the "join this community" link up there in the writing at the top of the page.

If you click on the link that says you want to join then you are agreeing to abide by the community posting guidelines.

community posting guidelines
  • To be on topic for this community all posts must contain a review of one of the things mentioned above or something similar as the main point of the entry. Comments can be as off topic as you want as long as there is no flaming. We post on usenet. We are used to thread drift :-)
  • Please <lj-cut> with a spoiler warning if you're reviewing something that the majority of people won't have seen or read yet. We don't want to see the plot of the latest Terry Pratchett book or blockbuster movie before we get our greasy paws / beady eyes on them ourselves. Thank You.
  • We ask that any images, polls and long entries (more than four paragraphs,) you post please be put behind the <lj-cut> tag.
  • Memes are usually off topic. We know there will be exceptions to this. All memes Must be <lj-cut> If you want to post your own results to an on topic meme that has already been posted then post it in the comments to the original. This cuts friends page spam.
  • If you are reviewing anything rated as unsuitable for anyone under the age of 13 please use an <lj-cut> and post a warning.
  • If you are under the age of 13 by joining this community you are stating that you will not click on any link that warns of material unsuitable for you to see.
  • If your entry contains anything that is Not Safe For Work then please <lj-cut> and warn people using "NSFW" or something similar.
  • Feel free to complain about any moderator decision you disagree with in badmods
  • Both maintainers can be contacted through standard @livejournal.com email addresses.
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