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I've left it a while since watching the movie to post this. Mainly because I've been trying to think of something to say about it.

The general gist is that David Rice-Hayden Christensen- finds he can transport himself places by thought and subsequently enjoys a life of luxury by going in to bank vaults and taking cash.

Samuel L Jackson plays architypal Samuel L Jackson role by the numbersa bad guy who's part of an organization that's been fighting for centuries to wipe out the jumpers. I think it has something to do with religeon and stuff, but his ideals were never really explained. Nor was how they were funded, nor was how they recruited so many people and developed their quite daft weaponary. It seems they just were. He looks pretty bad ass with white hair though.

Of course, when Rice decides to head back to his home town and chat up the lass he always fancied, things go all awry and that leads the Paladins to him. He heads to Rome with said girl and and the palladins (Samuel L and a bunch of mooks) head after him and try to kill him.

However, never fear as a fellow jumper called Griffin (Jamie Bell, probably the most convincing actor in the whole flick) lends a hand and then it falls in to standard action flick mode. There's the death of a family member, kidnap of the G/F and two guys who don't like eachother teaming up, some "all is lost, but lets fight back anyway" stuff, the usual "bad guys find the good guys hideout and kick their asses" stuff, lots of CGI, lots of comic book references an ending left wide open for a sequel and enough product placement to annoy.

There were some genuinly good bits, but the lack of any sort of explanation for anything was annoying. For example, when the jumper jumps, he leaves a sort of fracture in the air for a moment and other jumpers can follow him via that fracture without knowing where the first is going. Which is cool because normally the jumper can't go anywhere he (I can't remember any reference to female jumpers) hasn't seen at least a photo of.

So yeah, the jumper has to have a picture of the place he wants to go to in his mind, but if he follows another jumper through their jump fracture, he can follow anywhere. Oh and it's possible for a jumper to be in a car and have the whole car jump with them too.

The explanations that are there are kinda weak. His mom left David and his pop when David was 5. This is explained right at the end of the movie. Seems she'd found he was a jumper and was offered the choice to either kill him or become a palladin and kill others like him and eventually kill him when he was older. So the semi religious folk who believe jumpers should be killed for God let a known and un defended jumper live until maturity when he would be harder to kill completely un watched and left 100% alone just because his mom joined their ranks? I'm no evil genius, but WTF????

It's not a truely awful film in the way that Smokin' Aces was, but I wouldn't say it was great either. The product placement and lack of explanation -I'm not expecting directors/ writers to explain every single detail, but when something as big as the main plot point goes completely un-explained, it's noticeable.

My comment at the end of the movie summed it up: "It's like a really good concept in search of a movie"
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