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I have to admit, I was very exicted about seeing this film. I was also very worried. There's always the chance that a modern re-make of a film is going to be utter tripe and tarnish the reputation of the original.

So as I settled down with a big box of very overpriced sweeties, I had to wonder if, at the end, I'd be delighted or just pissed off. The answer to that wondering was....... Neither. I actually felt quite let down by my own lack of strong reaction.

The film follows pretty much the same story as the original, but with more emphasis on the earlier part of Michael Myers life. This I felt actually added some much needed character development to the original. The period of time spent in the asylum is portrayed incredibly well and the reasons for the mask and why he wears it are finally explained fully!!!

The scripting and direction are very typically Rob Zombie. It seems he has a very defined style, but unfortunatly, I found a lot of the action scenes to be very frustrating as the super quick cuts and general on screen confusion -something House of 1000 Corpses was really slated for- lead to a sense that while something particularly important was happening, there was no way of actually seeing what it was. In a film where there are supposed to be gory, violent deaths, I'd like to see the gory violent bits.

The acting throughout is first class, with some real surprises, such as Malcom McDowell in the role of Dr Loomis and a good proportion of the cast from The Devils Rejects turn up in various little bit parts.

What's interesting is that I only saw it last night and I've run out of things -good or bad- to say about it already.

So overall, it was a good film that were it not for occasionally poor directing and occasional very boring scenes, it would have been great. Just like the original really.

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