Eris' Favourite plaything (rhiannon_s) wrote in review_soapbox,
Eris' Favourite plaything

Lonely Werewolf Girl

Just finished one of the books loaned to me by cillygirl and I totally recommend it.

Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar.
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The story of a runaway werwolf princess, her fashion desginer and sorceress sister, a fire queen and her niece and a pair of students. With assorted werewolf armies, fairies, barons and a crossdressing werewolf prince. I loved it.

This was one of those books that just drew me in with its direct and casual style and well written and thought out characters. Even with the minor characters you feel you are dropping into part of their lives and that they have a larger existence beyond the immediate story. It's very much a book for the MTV generation, written in much the same way that a Jerry Bruckheimer production is filmed. Short sharp scenes, with a couple of chapters so short they barely even fill one page, that advance one of the story threads then drop you straight into another so the story both moves quickly on and is easy to put down and pick up.

The last bit has been helpful to me recently as I've been suffering from a really short attention span and had difficulty concentrating. I'd never have been able to follow a plot through a book with regular length chapters, it'd just be to much of a struggle, but this made it easy and has helped me rebuild my concentration a little.
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