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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
11:01 am
Diary Of The Dead
So, George Romeros latest zombie movie. Will it be as wonderful as Dawn Of The Dead or a case of The Emperors New Clothes like Land Of The Dead (I mean really, one man and his giant truck o' doom)?

I'm happy to say that it's the former. I'd read a few bad reviews of the movie, so I started watching it in the frame of mind of "well, I'm a completest and I might as well give it a go" and after the first 10 minutes or so, I was engrossed and fully immersed in the world of a zombie outbreak.

The film itself takes place in a modern day equivalent of a time just after The Night Of The Living Dead, where the dead are slowly returning to life, the populace is scared and the authorities are trying to keep everyone calm.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
9:34 pm
28 Weeks Later
So, now that all the hype and everything is over and the DVD is reduced to £5, I figured I'd have a look at this movie.

Having been warned by faye_darkelf that it was less than great, I wasn't holding out for an excellent movie, but I'd seen and really enjoyed 28 Days Later and figured I'd probably like at least some of this one.

So in goes the disc and I take my place on my bed with Desmond, the plush polar bear.......

possible spoilerageCollapse )

Apart from the slightly over enthusiastic camera work and some dodgy CGI/ directing decisions, I really enjoyed the film. For once a sequel that keeps close to the character of the original film.


p.s. one last thing I have to say is that the music was superb. Essentially the same as the first movie, it still fitted perfectly and lent a real sense of suspense.

Current Mood: contemplative
Saturday, March 1st, 2008
2:29 pm
I've left it a while since watching the movie to post this. Mainly because I've been trying to think of something to say about it.

possible spoilersCollapse )

It's not a truely awful film in the way that Smokin' Aces was, but I wouldn't say it was great either. The product placement and lack of explanation -I'm not expecting directors/ writers to explain every single detail, but when something as big as the main plot point goes completely un-explained, it's noticeable.

My comment at the end of the movie summed it up: "It's like a really good concept in search of a movie"
Friday, February 22nd, 2008
11:35 am
Be Kind Rewind - MosBlack Surprised Me!

Be Kind Rewind is a sweet, funny, cockle-warming movie sure to make you smile long after you’ve left the theater.

Saturday, October 13th, 2007
3:35 pm
Michael Clayton: Boom Run Corporate Guns

Michael Clayton is the fast paced legal, corporate greed and assassination thriller that starts and ends with a bang.  Michael Clayton sizzles with skin crawling gluttony, blood moving action and overflows with tragic characters. Michael Clayton Boom Boom ReviewCollapse )

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007
10:56 pm
The Rocket - A sports movie with a great plot and wonderful acting? Who knew?

The Rocket or Maurice Richard, the biographical story of hockey legend Maurice Richard, is the best sports biography I have ever seen.  It is also the best movie that uses sports to highlight historical bigotry I have ever seen.  It is the best sports movie I have ever seen.

A poor machinist in the slums of Quebec, trying to do his part for the War effort during World War Two, Maurice Richard decides to try out for the Canadiens hockey team.  His amazing talent wasn't enough, though; there were concerns that he was just too frail for hockey.  After an extended time of not playing hockey, the Canadiens put him on the ice where he becomes the legend every hockey player studies.  He struggles with the uncertainty of his job and supporting his wife and children.  During his rise to fame, it is brought to his attention that the French speaking hockey players and citizens are being treated as second class citizens.  Using his fame, and with some trepidation, he decides if he is going to be part of the movement for equality or another quiet French-Canadian who accepts the status quo.

The Rocket is not an uplifting, heartwarming, blood pumping movie shallow in plot, like most sports movies; it is a slower-moving, complex and dramatic biography supplemented by exciting hip checks, high sticking and the occasional fight.  The pacing is like a train going over a mountain, patience is required to go up but your patience is rewarded when you have an exciting trip down the mountain.  There is more plot than hockey and a person who doesn't care about hockey will still enjoy the dramatic feelings and settings cultivated in The Rocket.

The Rocket is as much about the time that Maurice Richard lived in, as it is about him personally.  For those of us not familiar with general World War Two Canadian History, this film gives the audience a brief insight into internal strife during that time in the peaceful giant to the north.  Using such an icon to display the times is a tired way to tell history but in The Rocket, it seems more natural.  Richard is not glorified as beyond human or hero worshiped.  He struggles with the people of his country, the same way they do.

The acting in The Rocket is hard hitting (pun intended), and will hip check (I'm not ashamed to make hockey puns) your emotions when you aren't expecting it.   Roy Dupuis, who plays hockey megastar Maurice Richard, is a quiet storm, rolling over the hills of emotion.   Julie LeBrenton, who plays Lucille Richard, Maurice's wife, performance is like a hurricane blowing in without mercy or regard.  Her performance is a powerful triumph.  No, in case you were wondering, they don't let the professional hockey players act much, thank you director Charles Binamé for making a thoughtful decision.

The Rocket is beautiful.  It's dark and grainy feeling leaves you feeling a little dirty in an industrial way, but intrigued and curious.

In our house, we wouldn't dream of wasting our entertainment money or time on baseball or basketball.  We probably could be bothered to see football on someone else's dime, if there wasn't paint to watch dry.  What we will do is climb a stack of chairs to change the channel at a sports bar during baseball playoffs to watch hockey because we are a hockey family, through and through.  If you've never been to the Shark Tank in San Jose, you just haven't lived.  So believe me when I say the hockey in The Rocket is exceptionally fun to watch and technically correct.  It makes sense because all of the hockey scenes are played with National Hockey League players.  That's right, they don't pretend to play hockey, they actually play professional hockey!  If you are a hockey fan you'll see faces you recognize, like Mike Ricci of the San Jose Sharks.   Even if you aren't a hockey fan, you'll enjoy the hitting and bleeding. 

If you love great hockey, see The Rocket.  If you love great writing, see The Rocket.  If you love phenomenal acting, see The Rocket.  If you aren't a complete idiot, see The Rocket.  Just see The Rocket or I'll see you in the boards!

Saturday, September 29th, 2007
5:00 pm
I have to admit, I was very exicted about seeing this film. I was also very worried. There's always the chance that a modern re-make of a film is going to be utter tripe and tarnish the reputation of the original.

So as I settled down with a big box of very overpriced sweeties, I had to wonder if, at the end, I'd be delighted or just pissed off. The answer to that wondering was....... Neither. I actually felt quite let down by my own lack of strong reaction.

The film follows pretty much the same story as the original, but with more emphasis on the earlier part of Michael Myers life. This I felt actually added some much needed character development to the original. The period of time spent in the asylum is portrayed incredibly well and the reasons for the mask and why he wears it are finally explained fully!!!

The scripting and direction are very typically Rob Zombie. It seems he has a very defined style, but unfortunatly, I found a lot of the action scenes to be very frustrating as the super quick cuts and general on screen confusion -something House of 1000 Corpses was really slated for- lead to a sense that while something particularly important was happening, there was no way of actually seeing what it was. In a film where there are supposed to be gory, violent deaths, I'd like to see the gory violent bits.

The acting throughout is first class, with some real surprises, such as Malcom McDowell in the role of Dr Loomis and a good proportion of the cast from The Devils Rejects turn up in various little bit parts.

What's interesting is that I only saw it last night and I've run out of things -good or bad- to say about it already.

So overall, it was a good film that were it not for occasionally poor directing and occasional very boring scenes, it would have been great. Just like the original really.

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
10:33 am
King of Kong Review and Director Interview

King of Kong-Fist Full of Quarters is the good vs. evil tale of the world champions of Donkey Kong: Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe. These characters couldn't have been made up better and if they were fictional, if this weren't a documentary, the film would be unbelievable.

In 1982, Life Magazine did a story on the world's best video gamers at the time. In that picture was Billy Mitchell, the champion of Centipede, Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr. It was the beginning of Billy's rise to fame. After a scandal rocked the video game world, Walter Day decided he would start Twin Galaxies, the official score keepers for video games. It also became headquarters for the Billy Mitchell Cult. The employees, even Day himself, worship Billy Mitchell with a frightening reverence. Their reverence for Billy makes them absolutely unable to verify a score when newbie Steve Wiebe shatters his record.

Rest of the Review

Seth Gordon, director of documentary film King of Kong: Fist Full of Quarters, a David vs Goliath documentary about two men competing for champion rights to the classic arcade game Donkey Kong, opened up about his new film, its process and his future.

"My favorite place is Fun Spot [arcade in King of Kong]. Family reunions were in New Hampshire. I burn in the sun, so my family would leave me at Fun Spot. It is a family place and they would give tokens for grades. I would think about it all year. I met Steve Wiebe [one of the main characters in the movie] four days after they had been in his garage. At first I thought he was too vanilla but after I met all the players, I wanted to do the project. It took a year and a half."

Rest of the Interview
Monday, August 6th, 2007
4:05 pm
Lonely Werewolf Girl
Just finished one of the books loaned to me by cillygirl and I totally recommend it.

Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar.
Amazon link

The story of a runaway werwolf princess, her fashion desginer and sorceress sister, a fire queen and her niece and a pair of students. With assorted werewolf armies, fairies, barons and a crossdressing werewolf prince. I loved it.

This was one of those books that just drew me in with its direct and casual style and well written and thought out characters. Even with the minor characters you feel you are dropping into part of their lives and that they have a larger existence beyond the immediate story. It's very much a book for the MTV generation, written in much the same way that a Jerry Bruckheimer production is filmed. Short sharp scenes, with a couple of chapters so short they barely even fill one page, that advance one of the story threads then drop you straight into another so the story both moves quickly on and is easy to put down and pick up.

The last bit has been helpful to me recently as I've been suffering from a really short attention span and had difficulty concentrating. I'd never have been able to follow a plot through a book with regular length chapters, it'd just be to much of a struggle, but this made it easy and has helped me rebuild my concentration a little.
Friday, April 13th, 2007
8:51 pm
ATHFCMFT - A dreadful movie could do so much for the world!
I'm not supposed to post this until Friday but I'll do it just for you! Shh. Keep it on the DL.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (ATHFCMFT) is a cinematic blessing that will surely lead to better film making in the future. Thank you writer and directors Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis for creating a movie that opens the way for the next great novel.
Wanna know how this movie makes a better world? I'll tell you.Collapse )
8:32 pm
After The Wedding - A+ Movie

After the Wedding (Efter bylluppet) is the marvelously subtle story about the value of family, the decisions we make and the decisions people make for us. It beautifully spins a story of the lengths people will go for who they love and how four people find their worth.
Fantastic MovieCollapse )
Saturday, March 31st, 2007
12:27 pm
I forgot I had this to review.

So, 300. It's a difficult movie to review. It looks awesome, it does, it's a visual treat. I wish more movies would go for the almost paint effect background. The thing could have been shot in oils on canvas. Gerard Butler seems to be turning into a young Sean Connery and has a very fearsome beard in this. There was a particularly scary wold at the start, which scared me to death, big dogs and dark places phobia.

But ultimately, there is not a lot of story. It's the story of 300 guys who are massacred after fighting off a much bigger army[1]. There is an attempt to pad it out a bit with the subplot on Leonidis' wife and her trying to convince the Sparan council and there being a wretched slimy traitor (I don't know if it was in the comic or not, never read it), but it does feel like exactly that, padding.

Whether you'll enjoy this movie or not depends, I think on whther you like your semi-mythical battle scenes. I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, t's visually stunning, wonderfully acted and spot on directing and SFX. But plotwise it's a bit thin.

All the right lines were there tough.

Come back with your sheild or on it.

We shall fight in the shade

Throw down your weapons. Come and take them.

Go tell the Spartans stranger passing by ... .

And who can say no to several hundred almost naked guys who have been working out, a lot! I swear this will be gay porn and parts of it are very Homoerotic. I mean naked except for a cload and leather bannana hammocks? It shows how tough those spartans were, imagine all the chafing and talcum powder not been invented yet?

I give it a 8.5 out of 10. Well worth seeing.

[1] Technically I realise that is a spoiler, but if you need to be protected from 3thousand year old spoilers then you are probably the person that screamed at me when I mentioned the end of Romeo and Juilet.

They die by the way, in Titanic the ship sinks, in Apollo 13 they get back safely, in Zulu they survive, The trojans get beat by the Greeks, Bruce willis is dead all along in the 6th Sense, Darth Vader is Luke's father, Dumbledore is NOT Dead, Snape and Voldemort die in a titanic battle for Harry's soul in the last book and Voldemort sucks his soul out of Harry's leaving him Scarless and also magicless (but not Hormone less as the follow upseries about Hermione will detail), The Watcher was the Doctor all along[2], Jesus dies, but gets better, and Clark Kent is Superman (Ok, that last one is not a spoiler, but if you haven't guessed the rest then you probably need to be told because you'll have been fooled by a pair of glasses too).

[2]Ooh, that's an obscure one, can anyone guess the source?
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
8:32 pm
What Love Is - Pretty Funny.

“What Love Is” tries to answer the question the title asks by cramming emotionally diverse men and women on a small set. A witty spin on romantic comedy, “What Love Is” was an enjoyable exception to the rule that romance and comedy don’t mix.

What is love anyways?Collapse )
7:52 pm
TMNT - Heros on the half shell; TURTLE POWER!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hero’s on the half shell...Turtle Power! Ok, now I have that out of my system. Written and directed by Kevin Monroe, “TMNT” is a revitalization of comics beloved in my childhood. “TMNT” lacks depth, feels like a Saturday morning cartoon but is visually interesting.

Heros on the half shell, turtle power!Collapse )
7:18 pm
The Last Mimzy-Little Bunny Fu-Fu Hopping Though The Forrest

The Last Mimzy” is the cinematic adaptation of C.L. Moore and Henry Kuttner’s short story “Mimsy Were the Borogroves.” “The Last Mimzy” is a disappointing movie but an endearing story of the value of a child’s shameless hopefulness.
wiskers and nibblesCollapse )
Monday, March 26th, 2007
6:47 pm
Pride - A light escapist film

Jim Ellis, a Philadelphia recreation center swim coach, is the true life basis for “Pride.” A light, escapist flick, “Pride” is Hollywood’s newest “Sports Savior” film.

Terrence Howard portrays Jim Ellis, an African American swimmer with a master’s degree in mathematics who can’t find a job because universities find him too black and the black community ridicules him for being educated. Finally, when he can’t find a teaching or coaching job, he takes a job for the City of Philadelphia to pack up a closing recreation center. There he meets crotchety center maintenance man, Elston (Bernie Mac). He reopens the pool and encourages youth to come and swim. What was first recreation, changes when he trains Puddin Head (Brandon Fobbs), Walt (Alphonso McAuley), Willie (Regine Nehy), Hakim (Nate Parker) and Andre (Kevin Phillips) to be competitive swimmers. Each of the characters faces a personal struggle including facing the streets alone, losing an important part of their life, being small, racism, and being abandoned.
be proudCollapse )
Monday, March 5th, 2007
10:59 pm
Premonition - Oh yeah, I'm psychic

I must be psychic because I had a premonition about this movie and it came true! The plot of the movie came to me while relaxing in my living room. I was in a nearly comatose state, my attention solidly on the boob tube when, out of no where, there was a message, from whom, I do not know. It came to me, but in snippets. I consulted with my psychic message adviser (ok, it is my husband) and asked him what he thought this blessed premonition meant. I will not tell you the answer because he, in his magnificence, was able to put the pictures together and figure out the parts that were missing. I will share with you an important insight given to me by my wealth of psychic experience; you don’t need to pay $10 bucks to see “Premonition” in the theaters to see most of the movie and all of the important parts and to figure out the twists. Just be open to psychic messages coming to you though your television, crammed between segments of your favorite show and save yourself the money! Then thank Sony Movies for approving a trailer that tells you the entire plot, if you have imagination enough to figure out the five minute twist they left out! Directed by Mennan Yapo and written by Billy Kelly, “Premonition” is full of problems, from beginning to end.
oh yeah, I’m psychicCollapse )
9:04 pm
Beyond the Gates or Shooting Dogs - made me cry, and tremble with fear

"Beyond the Gates" also called Shooting Dogs, is the story refugees in the Ecole Techniques Officielle (ETO), a secondary Catholic School, in Kigali, Rwanda during the mass genocide of the Tutsi in of 1994. Told through the eyes of those people trapped behind the school gates, "Beyond the Gates" made me cry, tremble with fear and helped me see what our role was, as members of the U.N., passively standing by as hundreds of thousands of people died.
Do not miss this movieCollapse )
8:21 pm
an unreasonable man - one person can make a difference

"An Unreasonable Man" is a documentary about activist and politician, Ralph Nader. Obviously meant to sway our opinion in favor of Ralph Nader, "An Unreasonable Man" isn't entirely a puff piece and certainly doesn't shy away from the resentment people feel for him. I expected an "Ode to Nader" and in fact it focused on his disappointments as much as his accomplishments.

A reasonable storyCollapse )
7:16 pm
Starter for 10 - Did they do their talent scouting in a high school?

Have you ever sat though a movie and had a distinct feeling of déjà vu? Sure the names and settings have been changed to protect the innocent but “Starter for 10” will give you that slightly clairvoyant feeling. I guessed the ending ten minutes into the movie; I hate that.

Is there such thing as a good romantic comedy?Collapse )
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